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Welcome to my blog, where I will be sharing with you the treasures of my own spiritual path, which I call the Way of the Lily.

The Way of the Lily is a creative union between the head and the heart.

The Way of the Lily is my personal tribute to the beauty, wonder and inspiration of life.

Its main concern is with being:

How to be, so that we can embrace the incredible wonders that we are capable of.

How to be, so that we may live an inspired life – a life of freedom, creativity and well-being.

How to achieve true, deep-rooted happiness, reach for and fulfill everything that we may desire. Can we thrive and blossom regardless of what is happening around us?

So, let me invite you to discover more about the Way of the Lily. Here we will be exploring the places where the wild meets the cultured, where spirituality is self-determined, where the ancient meets the present moment and where we enjoy the sacred in unexpected places.

In no particular order of importance.

Here you will discover how, and why, I make Elderflower Champagne, Nettle Beer and Red Rob.

Here we will explore how, and why, a spiritual relationship with your Self can lead to lasting happiness right here, right now.

Here you will be able to join me as I discover the treasures and mysteries of the ancient worlds and how they are relevant to us today.

There may be a lot of chocolate. (Is chocolate unexpectedly sacred?)

There may be a lot of talk about feeling good. (Can we be effortlessly, deeply content most of the time?)

In fact, this blog is an enjoyment and a celebration of us spiritual beings having experiences in these physical bodies.

Welcome to the Way of the Lily.

All images on the slideshow courtesy of Pixabay, except Moss by Sam Frisby, and Chocolate Bon-bons and Nettles with Quail Eggs, both by Sue Frisby.

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